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Myrtle Beach Water Sports

'You're at the Beach! ... Let's Get Wet!'

Myrtle Beach Water Sports

is big business because Myrtle Beach is surrounded by all types of water, the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, Intercoastal Waterways, lakes, marshlands, and small creeks! If you love water sports, we have it all!  


boat-dockNow, if a relaxing boat ride up the coast is your cup of tea, there are several boat rental companies to serve you with great selections of all types of boats. Yes, you can rent a jet ski, too! 

kayakYou may prefer kayaking, but there's a little more work to this water sport.  There are several places to rent kayaks, and most rental companies provide several        self-guided tours. You may choose to paddle up the Intercoastal Waterway for a wonderful scenic route.

Also, there are many rivers and marshes you may want to investigate, and while you're at it, be sure to check out
Goat Island in Murrell's Inlet
!  You can even dock your boat and have lunch!  That's always my favorite part!

scuba-1Is Scuba diving more to your liking?  You can rent equipment for your scuba trip, and if you're new at scuba diving, some companies even offer lessons!  With all the shipwrecks and the splendid underwater environment, you will be hooked after your first dive!  Scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean is truly the most adventurous of all the Myrtle Beach Water Sports!

banana-boat-1Do you know what the perfect family water sport is?  Banana Boat Rides!
And of course, the dress code is definitely a swimsuit!  Banana boat rides are one of the most popular Myrtle Beach Water Sports!  It is a long, inflatable boat that looks just like a banana and most will hold six people or more! 

After you put on your life jacket, you wade out into the ocean a short distance and straddle the boat... you have handles to hold onto, because you're definitely going to need them!  When everyone is on and ready, a jet ski pulls the banana boat, at what seems like a very high rate of speed, on the Atlantic Ocean!  Remember the handles I mentioned earlier?  You will be hanging on very tightly as you go bouncing across the ocean!  This is without a doubt, a Myrtle Beach Water Sports adventure you won't forget, and fun for the whole family!

parasail-1Eventhough you're up in the air, parasailing is considered part of our Myrtle Beach Water Sports!  It is also a fun family sport because it can be done solo, in couples, or with three people.  No experience or lessons are required and is recommended for all ages

The parasailing captain and his crew are very close by to help you with anything you need.  Enjoy your scenic view of the Grand Strand as you fly above the glorious Atlantic Ocean!  So, we will see you over the water, and ... oh yeah, don't forget to wave!

How about a dolphin tour to highlight your vacation?  This is a very popular attraction and you will have the time of your life seeing the dolphins in their natural habitat.

dolphinDolphins are extremely smart, and they tend to hang out around the shrimp boats for free meals by feeding on the shrimp that escape through the nets. 

To keep the dolphins in their natural habitat, the tour guides do not feed or entice them in any way, so there is a chance that you may not see dolphins.

The captains of the dolphin tours usually take you out to the shrimp boats where the dolphins hang out.  Dolphins are very friendly, and some even come up to the boat just so you can get their picture up close! I think they know when you're taking their picture, because they always look like they're smiling!

The tours generally last about two hours and you will find several companies in the area who are experts in dolphin tours.  What are you waiting for?  It's time to see "Flipper" and all his friends up close and personal!

After your day of fun with your favorite Myrtle Beach Water Sports, I'm sure you've worked up an appetite! 

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