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Carolina Beach Music

'Get Your Dancin' Shoes On!'

White sandy beaches, coconut scent in the air, and Carolina Beach Music! It definitely sets the mood for any beach vacation!  Beach music includes many styles of music that began in the late fourties, continued into the fifties and sixties, and is still rockin' and rollin' today!  It is a mixture of jazz, blues, doo-wop, and that good ole rock and roll. Sweet, romantic rock and roll! The kind of music you want to hold hands and dance to on the boardwalk by the ocean!

jukeboxBeach music was named the official Popular State Music of South Carolina in 2001. Also, Carolina Beach Music is closely linked to the official state dance of North Carolina and South Carolina known as the "Shag".  It is a style of swing dance that has been around forever! 

The 1989 movie, Shag, filmed on location in Myrtle Beach, starring Bridget Fonda and Phoebe Cates, highlighted great beach music and outstanding shagging throughout the film.  Shag competitions are held annually in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 


Classic beach music artists
influenced by the sound of the Motown and Atlantic Records labels, include The Coasters, The Drifters, Sam Cooke,  The Four Tops, The Tams, The Embers, and many more!  Beach music symbolizes a lifestyle of fun loving times, hanging out with friends, dancing on the boardwalk, jukeboxes with 45 records, a time when life wasn't so complicated, way before computers were even thought of, and telephone booths were on every corner!  Great times, indeed!

Beach music and the Carolina Shag are a huge part of the Southern culture. You know, high energy party music!  Beach music touches my southern roots very deeply and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  So... what are you waiting for? Get your dancin' shoes on and turn up the Carolina Beach Music right here!


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